SharpePhotography: Today

June 10, 2003


The Printer is printing a new image just taken today.
I added a new category to 'The Gallery' called
"Drivin' Around." I had to be on the road this
morning and always travel with the Canon S30 so
we had some fun 'drivebyes.' It really is kind of
interesting to capture an image from the car.
The photographs fascinate me. Usually the World
goes by at 30-40 mph, now I get to look at a
photographic moment in time without the worry
of watching the road. It is amazing the speed
of the shutter. 125 photographs might only
make a second in real time. 125 image-moments
in time. Driving, walking, standing. One second
in time. A lifetime of photographts could only be
one hour in time. Maybe more, maybe less.
How important each and every second of
our life is worth. You could create a whole
exhibition in 10 seconds of shutter time.
Anyway, I think I might do some more
'Drivin Around' photos tomorrow.
All of todays photos were taken in Orlando
and Winter Park, Florida. I live in Orlando,
grew up in Winter Park. A Big City and a
small City side by side.

Posted by Studio at June 10, 2003 10:15 PM